There is no woman who has never had problems with the skin of the face. Adolescence, as a rule, leaves its prints in the form of acne and acne, and not all of the fair sex, they pass after the end of this period. However, after 30 years no less. The first wrinkles women psychologically do not want to take, do you want to always look perfect. Ultraviolet rays, exhaust gases, dust also adversely affect the skin. The skin protects our body, but it needs to be protected. Therefore, knowing how to properly care for the skin, you will retain youth for many years and prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles.


Cleansing the skin is necessary regardless of its type. This should be done every day in the morning and before bedtime. First of all, wash off makeup with special tools and only then wash with mousse, gels or foams that are suitable for your skin type. When washing, do not use any soap (even baby), it will harm the skin of the face, especially in the area around the eyes.

Cleansing begins with moisturizing the skin with clean water, after which you can use mousse, gel or foam. It is recommended to massage, not RUB the skin, so as not to stretch it. Rinse the applied product with warm water, and then blot the skin with a towel.

Oily skin type should be cleaned with scrubs 2-3 times a week. With them, the pores are cleaned, narrowed, the skin is dried and does not Shine, gaining smoothness and matte.


After cleansing, toning always follows. Toner not only removes residual cleanser. Cleansing the skin and restoring its acid-base balance, it increases its tone and helps to smooth facial wrinkles. Care should be carried out regularly. Then you can forget about acne, black spots, oily skin and redness. When using tonics and lotions, make sure they are suitable for your skin type.

Do you know how to use a tonic properly? The first step is to apply it to a cotton pad and wipe your face, cleaning pores. The skin was in good shape, pour a little tonic in the palm of your hand and rinse your face with it.


The most important thing in skin care is protection, which is responsible for the day cream, which does not allow dust, dirt and wind to affect it. Choosing a day cream, consider the temperature conditions that may be exposed to your skin. The colder it is outside, the fatter the product should be. In hot weather, it is better to choose a gel with a moisturizing effect. It is easy to apply and after it the skin does not Shine.

Day cream perfectly protects the skin, not allowing clogged pores from decorative agents. Using it as a base for makeup, you will easily remove makeup from the skin.

Nutrition and recovery

For nutrition and recovery of the skin is responsible night cream, which, like all other means, you need to pick up, taking into account the type of skin. It is applied 30 minutes before bedtime. Night cream can be replaced with a day cream, if you suddenly find that it is over. But in no case do not do the opposite, because the functions of each cream are different from each other, one nourishes, the other protects. Of course, to nourish the skin outside is good, but you need to remember: if you have any bad habits, the condition of the skin will be affected badly.

Additional care

In addition to the main four stages of skin care, nourishing, cleansing and moisturizing masks are also used. They can be bought or cooked at home. The best option is to use the mask no more than 1-2 times a week.